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Ride Planet Earth – Summary

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Despite the failure of the COP15, in many ways Ride Planet Earth was a success. What had started as simply one person riding their bicycle had transformed into a worldwide event. By the time Kim Paul Nguyen arrived in Copenhagen he was accompanied by 60 riders, with thousands of riders joining in around the globe. Here is a short summary of the entire campaign.

Events Worldwide

On 6th December 2009, to coincide with the start of the COP15 in Copenhagen, Ride Planet Earth events were held in 50 locations around the world. People rode their bicycles to show their commitment to fighting climate change, and demonstrate one of the simple changes that everyone can make; using sustainable transport.

Ride Planet Earth events were held in; Adelaide (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Baku (Azerbaijan), Beijing (China), Belgrade (Serbia), Bodh Gaya (India), Brisbane (Australia), Brussels (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), Cairns (Australia), Cairo (Egypt), Cape Town (South Africa), Coventry (UK), Dili (East Timor), Dali (China), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Durham (USA), Edinburgh (UK), Harcourt (Nigeria), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hyderabad (India), Istanbul (Turkey), Jakarta (Indonesia), Kisumu (Kenya), Kunming (China), London (UK), Manila (Philippines), Mendoza (Argentina), Milan (Italy), Newcastle (Australia), Nottingham (UK), Novi Sad (Serbia), Paris (France), Shanghai (China), Sydney (Australia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Tokyo (Japan), Vienna (Austria), Vientiane (Laos), Yerevan (Armenia), Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

Below are some of the videos of the events:


Kim recorded messages about climate change as he cycled towards the COP15. Others were recorded on 6th December 2009 and sent in or shared on social networks.

The messages were collated and Kim handed them to Kevin Rudd, then Australia’s Prime Minister, when he attended the COP.

The messages were also presented at a press conference Kim held in the COP, and at various related events around Copenhagen.

A handful of the messages are below:

Cycle Change Convoy

Kim spent much of his journey cycling alone, however as the campaign gathered momentum more and more people started joining the “Cycle Change Convoy” on the way to Copenhagen. Other people joined Kim for sections of the journey in Australia, Asia and Europe. By the time Kim reached Copenhagen he was cycling with riders from at least ten different countries.

Media Coverage

The Ride Planet Earth campaign garnered a range of media coverage in all mediums, radio, television, print and online. The coverage was published and broadcast in many countries around the world. Kim contributed to a variety of publications and blogs during the campaign.

Here is a sample of the coverage:

Australian Cyclist (Australia)

The Australian (Australia)

Carbusters Magazine (International)

China Daily (China)

China Sports Today (China)

Global Times (China)

Go Chengdoo (China)

Greenpeace Australia Pacific (Australia)

The Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

The National Business Review (New Zealand)

Ovi Magazine (International)

Pedal Magazine (Canada) (Czech Republic)

Push On Magazine (Australia)

Radio Praha (Czech Republic)

Treehugger (International)

“Wenn Nicht Wir” Documentary Film (Germany)

Ride Planet Earth 2010

In 2010 Jeff Katrencik became the focus of Ride Planet Earth as he cycled from New York to Cancun in the lead up to the COP16. Jeff cycled through Canada, the US and Mexico, helping to raise awareness about the need for climate change action throughout North America.

On 28th November 2010 the second Ride Planet Earth worldwide event was held, again bringing many people together to promote action. Although Ride Planet Earth is now inactive the idea continues, as evidenced by the many long distance cyclists that can be found cycling on all continents, encouraging action to help protect planet earth.

For any more information on the campaign, please contact Kim Paul Nguyen.

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