Sowing Seeds: Food, Health, Community

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No Frontiers Media produced a short documentary on the Werribee Park Community Garden, that was release in September 2015. The garden is located in and around the Werribee Park farmstead, behind the 19th Century mansion built by one of Australia's wealthiest colonial families. Established in 2012 the garden is run by Karen (an ethnic minority group from Burma) refugees, who've ...

Origins: Migrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Mental Health

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Origins, which is jointly managed, funded and supported by St John of God Pinelodge Clinic and psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support service Ermha, was established after a period of discernment by Pinelodge’s leadership team starting in 2006. Pinelodge was looking to develop a social outreach and advocacy service that fit with its mental health and drug and alcohol orientation and ...

The “Better Life” Project

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  The “Better Life” Project explores the meaning of life, from individual to individual, culture to culture, throughout human society. A “Better Life” is the justification for almost all of what we do, but what does it really mean? Why do we cause so much harm to the planet and each other in pursuit of a better life? Can life …

Climate Change and Health

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In 2014 No Frontiers Media produced a series of climate and health videos. The videos highlighted the impacts of climate change on health as well as some of the potential solutions and their associated health benefits. The first videos were released by the Global Climate and Health Alliance to coincide with the 2014 IPCC report. The final video opened the World Health ...

The Sami’s Last Stand

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In 2013 Kim Paul Nguyen visited Arctic Scandinavia to research Sami reindeer herders and the impacts of the mining boom. As Sweden's mining boom gathered pace the Sami were fighting for survival. Only 2,000 Sami reindeer herders are left in Sweden and they are losing their traditional lands to mining and infrastructure. If more land is taken reindeer herding will ...

Trees Falling in the Forest

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In 2013 Kim Paul Nguyen completed “Trees Falling in the Forest”, a feature length documentary exploring environmental protest in Australia, and the role of the media as gate-keepers. The film tells the story of 6 activists as they try to grab the public’s attention, hoping to convince the Australian government to protect the environment and fight climate change. Ray and ...

Quit Coal Campaign – Videos

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  These videos were made in 2012 for the Australian Anti-Coal Movement, including organisations such as Quit Coal and the Moorabool Environment Group. They aim to raise awareness about the impacts of the coal industry on Australian communities and the global environment. For up-to-date information on all these issues visit and  

Ride Planet Earth – Summary

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Despite the failure of the COP15, in many ways Ride Planet Earth was a success. What had started as simply one person riding their bicycle had transformed into a worldwide event. By the time Kim Paul Nguyen arrived in Copenhagen he was accompanied by 60 riders, with thousands of riders joining in around the globe. Here is a short summary ...