The “Better Life” Project

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  The “Better Life” Project explores the meaning of life, from individual to individual, culture to culture, throughout human society. A “Better Life” is the justification for almost all of what we do, but what does it really mean? Why do we cause so much harm to the planet and each other in pursuit of a better life? Can life …

After Haiyan

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No Frontiers Media Director, Kim Paul Nguyen, spent a month in the Philippines after Haiyan hit, researching, taking photos, shooting video and writing articles. Check out "100 Days Since Typhoon Haiyan" (18 February 2014) and "A Filippino's fight against climate change" (23 February 2014) on Al Jazeera English. The April 2014 edition of Monocle Magazine also featured Kim's Q&A with ...

Off-Grid in Spain – Article, Photo Essay

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  During the summer of 2013 Kim Paul Nguyen and Anna Scharf cycled from Sweden to the Pyrenees, looking for examples of off-grid living. In Spain they found plenty, and the upcoming article and photographic essay will tell the story of the quiet revolution going on in Spanish society, as economic pressures force the Spanish population to re-think prosperity. An …

The Sami’s Last Stand

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In 2013 Kim Paul Nguyen visited Arctic Scandinavia to research Sami reindeer herders and the impacts of the mining boom. As Sweden's mining boom gathered pace the Sami were fighting for survival. Only 2,000 Sami reindeer herders are left in Sweden and they are losing their traditional lands to mining and infrastructure. If more land is taken reindeer herding will ...

Journalism Held to Account: the story and influence of Wikileaks – Essay

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  “Has WikiLeaks changed mainstream journalism and how the flow of information is perceived in society?” An Essay by Kim Paul Nguyen, 2013 In 2006 a small group of activists, lead by Julian Assange, set up the website, to publish information supplied by whistle-blowers. What began as a few people and an internet connection became the biggest news story …

Activism in Amsterdam – Articles

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  This is a series of articles Kim Paul Nguyen wrote whilst living in Amsterdam in 2010. They are linked by the theme of political activism, and the role it plays in personal and public life.  Havana Magazine Amsterdam – Dec 2010 Havana Magazine Amsterdam – Nov 2010 VN Forum Holland – 2011  

Ride Planet Earth – Part 5 – Copenhagen

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Ride Planet Earth – December 6th from Ricky Tart on Vimeo.   By Kim Paul Nguyen The COP15 in Copenhagen 2009 is now synonymous with failure. By the time I left in late December that year it was already looking bad, by now most of the world has lost faith in the UN climate change negotiation process. Other major conferences …

Ride Planet Earth – Part 4 – Europe

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  Sofia, Bulgaria, 27th September 2009 Rains out of Istanbul soaked us for days. Passing through the hills north west of Istanbul we came across great packs of wild dogs. From what I read of Istanbul’s history, plagued by vicious street dogs terrorizing the human inhabitants, the local government had tried shifting the packs out of the city. I think …

Ride Planet Earth – Part 3 – Mongolia

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  In the middle of 2009 Kim spent 32 days cycling across Mongolia. During that time he ran out of food and water in the Gobi desert, and spent days lost on the Steppe. The above video is the long version (16 mins) describing his journey, half way between his start in Brisbane and his destination of Copenhagen. The below …

Ride Planet Earth – Part 2 – Timor

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  In December 2008 Kim took a plane from Darwin to Dili, to continue his bicycle journey to Copenhagen. Cycling from Dili, the capital of Timor L’Este, to Kupang on the Indonesian side of the island, Kim meet a range of locals who told him their stories of life in a changing climate. The video above details what he found. …