Activism in Amsterdam – Articles

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  This is a series of articles Kim Paul Nguyen wrote whilst living in Amsterdam in 2010. They are linked by the theme of political activism, and the role it plays in personal and public life.  Havana Magazine Amsterdam – Dec 2010 Havana Magazine Amsterdam – Nov 2010 VN Forum Holland – 2011  

Ride Planet Earth – Summary

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Despite the failure of the COP15, in many ways Ride Planet Earth was a success. What had started as simply one person riding their bicycle had transformed into a worldwide event. By the time Kim Paul Nguyen arrived in Copenhagen he was accompanied by 60 riders, with thousands of riders joining in around the globe. Here is a short summary ...

Ride Planet Earth – Part 4 – Europe

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  Sofia, Bulgaria, 27th September 2009 Rains out of Istanbul soaked us for days. Passing through the hills north west of Istanbul we came across great packs of wild dogs. From what I read of Istanbul’s history, plagued by vicious street dogs terrorizing the human inhabitants, the local government had tried shifting the packs out of the city. I think …

Ride Planet Earth – Part 3 – Mongolia

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  In the middle of 2009 Kim spent 32 days cycling across Mongolia. During that time he ran out of food and water in the Gobi desert, and spent days lost on the Steppe. The above video is the long version (16 mins) describing his journey, half way between his start in Brisbane and his destination of Copenhagen. The below …

Ride Planet Earth – Part 2 – Timor

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  In December 2008 Kim took a plane from Darwin to Dili, to continue his bicycle journey to Copenhagen. Cycling from Dili, the capital of Timor L’Este, to Kupang on the Indonesian side of the island, Kim meet a range of locals who told him their stories of life in a changing climate. The video above details what he found. …

Ride Planet Earth – Part 1 – Australia

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  In August 2008 I set off on my bike to cycle from Brisbane to Copenhagen, trying to make it in time for the climate change conference in December 2009. In retrospect I really had very little idea what I was doing. At the time I knew I didn’t know what I was doing, but in retrospect it has become …