The “Better Life” Project

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  The “Better Life” Project explores the meaning of life, from individual to individual, culture to culture, throughout human society. A “Better Life” is the justification for almost all of what we do, but what does it really mean? Why do we cause so much harm to the planet and each other in pursuit of a better life? Can life …

Journalism Held to Account: the story and influence of Wikileaks – Essay

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  “Has WikiLeaks changed mainstream journalism and how the flow of information is perceived in society?” An Essay by Kim Paul Nguyen, 2013 In 2006 a small group of activists, lead by Julian Assange, set up the website, to publish information supplied by whistle-blowers. What began as a few people and an internet connection became the biggest news story …

Activism in Amsterdam – Articles

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  This is a series of articles Kim Paul Nguyen wrote whilst living in Amsterdam in 2010. They are linked by the theme of political activism, and the role it plays in personal and public life.  Havana Magazine Amsterdam – Dec 2010 Havana Magazine Amsterdam – Nov 2010 VN Forum Holland – 2011  

Zero Carbon Concert – Amsterdam – Event

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Zero Carbon Concert Amsterdam from Robert van Waarden on Vimeo.   In 2010 Kim Paul Nguyen established the Amsterdam Zero Carbon Collective, a group of like-minded artists and activists, with the aim of putting on Amsterdam’s first Zero Carbon Concert. The event would be part of the world’s first Zero Carbon World Concert, a collection of musical events happening on …