Finding Hope in the Hopeless – Alzheimer’s in India

This short documentary tells the story of YP Singh, a former Wing Commander in the Indian Airforce, who has become an advocate for Alzheimer’s patients in India. His wife developed Alzheimer’s at an early age, and at that time, in the mid-90s, very little was known about the disease. That meant YP had to learn about the disease and how to be a carer more or less on his own, a tremendously difficult experience.

That experience however, now informs his work for the Alzheimer’s Society of India, as he visits families caring for someone with Alzheimer’s to share his knowledge. Thankfully there are also more services available in India now, but not much more, so YP is also advocating at a national level for more support and funding for all people experiencing dementia.

That is what brought him to the attention of the Our Views, Our Voices campaign, seeking to amplify the voices of patient advocates so they are acted upon at a policy level.

This film was made for the NCD Alliance, in October 2017.