Change is in the air in Bhutan

Based on the project “Democracy Development through Youth in Bhutan” (in partnership with the Danish-Bhutanese Friendship Association) the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy (BCMD) recently established the Youth Summit as an annual gathering.

The main focus is to build capacity for young people to become ‘active citizens’ in their local communities, so they can participate and engage as changemakers to enhance social change in Bhutan. The 77 participants came from all across Bhutan, from Santse/Norgagang, Pantang, Vmling, Degala, Mabji, Motithang and Thimphu. The training enabled young people to identify and address the most pressing issues and equip them with the skills to provide support to other young people in their communities.

This film was made in collaboration with Filmmakers Without Borders and the Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy in July 2017.