Waciwaci – Climate Change and Health in the Pacific

This film tells the story of Melanie and Tamani, two residents of Waciwaci, a small village on a remote island in the south east of the Fijian archipelago. High tides from the rising sea levels have been flooding the village and forcing the abandonment of homes near the shore. Now the primary school must be relocated to higher ground.

Melanie and Tamani are trying to plan for the future despite the uncertainty of having to relocate their lives and homes. The island’s doctor and the WHO South Pacific Representative also describe the impacts of climate change, from malnutrition and lack of fresh water due to increasing droughts, to 250,000 more deaths across the Pacific every year from climate-related diseases, from 2030.

This film was made in July 2017 for the Lancet Countdown, where you can also find all the most up-to-date global research on the impacts of climate change on health.