Ride Planet Earth

From mid-2008 until the end of 2009 No Frontiers Media’s Director, Kim Paul Nguyen, cycled from Australia to Denmark. Crossing Northern Australia, then the continents of Asia and Europe, Kim worked on the Ride Planet Earth campaign as he went.

Kim organised over 50 cycling events around the world, promoting sustainable transport and climate action. He also recorded the stories of many of the people he met in each countries he crossed, to discover how climate change was affecting them.

Kim, accompanied by a group of cyclists who’d joined him along the way, finished the journey at the COP15 UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.

There they joined activists from around the world to demand climate action from the world’s governments. Armed with the testimonies he’d recorded and the demonstration of action by global participants in Ride Planet Earth, Kim met with the Australian Prime Minister and presented at the COP and related climate events to advocate for greater climate action.