We All Have Dreams

We All Have Dreams is a short film about Cristobalina and her family, who live in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Life is tough there, especially for women, who often miss out on school, work long hours and don’t have many opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty.

When Cristobalina was a girl she dreamt of being a nurse, but had to leave school at 11 to help her parents on their farm.

She always regretted having to leave, watching her former classmates become teachers, nurses and other professionals, while she earnt a living making clothes by hand. When her husband lost his right arm in an accident there was even more pressure on her to support the family.

3 years ago Cristobalina joined a local women’s cooperative making fair trade fashion products for the US market through Mercado Global, to supplement her income.¬†Through her hard work and determination Cristobalina has been able to earn enough to send her 6 children (including 5 girls!) to school.

They all have dreams – one wants to move to the city, another to become a police officer, another a teacher, another a famous sports star. But they all dream of finishing school and becoming professionals.

This film is Cristobalina’s personal manifesto – education is the key to a better life, with education anything is possible. Cristobalina highlights that children need support not just with money, but with time, care and assistance as well. Through Mercado Global even Cristobalina is participating in classes again, covering health, nutrition and business skills.

Made for Mercado Global, September 2016.