Ruffling Feathers: Madelaine’s story

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This film tells the story of Madelaine Scott, a 20 year old Australian egg farmer, sustainability advocate and animal rights activist. She runs the farm on her own, working all hours of the day, everyday. To add to her challenges she must raise $60,000 in 60 days to keep the farm afloat. Watch this 8 minute short documentary to find out whether she raises the money and keeps her dream alive, plus see whether she can beat off the competition to win the Australian Egg Farmer of the Year, after a surprise nomination.

This film is an inspiring tale of the power of determination and hardwork, as Madelaine proves that age, gender, ethics and sustainability are no barrier to successful farming in 21st Century Australia.

This film was produced by festival21, NCDFREE and No Frontiers Media. It premiered at festival21 on 11th December 2015. It has subsequently been screened at film festivals around Australia.