In 2013 Kim Paul Nguyen completed “Trees Falling in the Forest”, a feature length documentary exploring environmental protest in Australia, and the role of the media as gate-keepers.

The film tells the story of 6 activists as they try to grab the public’s attention, hoping to convince the Australian government to protect the environment and fight climate change. Ray and Marion Lewis are a couple in their 60s fighting logging in the mountains East of Melbourne, Pat and Dom are anti-coal activists and Ellen and Katy are part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

All of the activists push the physical, emotional and legal extremes to try and get their point across. The film reveals their preparations, challenges, successes and failures. Ultimately the media has enormous power to decide what becomes of their messages, will they be ignored or championed?

The film has been presented in Australia, Sweden and the UK, along with workshops/discussion events on the relationship between the media and the environment.

For more information or to arrange special screenings/discussion events please contact the director Kim Paul Nguyen at

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