Sowing Seeds: Food, Health, Community

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No Frontiers Media produced a short documentary on the Werribee Park Community Garden, that was release in September 2015. The garden is located in and around the Werribee Park farmstead, behind the 19th Century mansion built by one of Australia’s wealthiest colonial families.

Established in 2012 the garden is run by Karen (an ethnic minority group from Burma) refugees, who’ve been resettled in the western suburbs of Melbourne over the past decade. Most of those working in the garden spent many years living in refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border, as the Karen were at war with the military junta since they seized power in 1962.

The film follows 3 protagonists; Evelyn, a former mid-wife in the refugee camps who now runs the garden; Dutchie, a young man with learning difficulties who protects the garden from rabbits; and James, the Park Ranger who supervises the whole operation.

The film is supported by NCDFREE and highlights both the health issues associated with urban sprawl (e.g. diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental illness) and the initiatives successfully creating healthier communities.

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