Workshops and Skill-Shares

No Frontiers Media runs a range of different workshops and skill-shares, tailored to the needs of the client group.  

Content includes film-making, writing, photography, web and graphic design for high social/political impact, as well as overall design of effective activist communication strategy. We focus on skills that you can use whatever your access to equipment, whether it’s a camera phone in the jungle, or 1DXii in a professional studio.  

We also run and advise on the running of activist art events (e.g. Tomorrow Fest 2016).  

We work with individuals, groups and communities that want to use ideas, stories and art to make a better world (e.g. activist groups and individuals, school and youth groups, disability groups and anyone else who wants to create change).

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or skill-share please contact us on the form below! We can divise the exact content together, based on your needs, plus work out the cost. 

We do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum, including occasionally working pro-bono, so please contact us if you or your organisation has limited resources and you’d like to discuss the options.  

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