Zero Carbon Concert – Amsterdam – Event

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Zero Carbon Concert Amsterdam from Robert van Waarden on Vimeo.


In 2010 Kim Paul Nguyen established the Amsterdam Zero Carbon Collective, a group of like-minded artists and activists, with the aim of putting on Amsterdam’s first Zero Carbon Concert.

The event would be part of the world’s first Zero Carbon World Concert, a collection of musical events happening on the same weekend all over the world, all powered by renewable energy.

In November 2010 the concerts took place, with over 250 people enjoying the music and light show in Amsterdam, all powered by bicycle generators.

The Zero Carbon Collective has been quiet since then, but plans are afoot for new art and music projects in the near future, to inspire and demonstrate a zero carbon future is possible.

For more information about the collective, and the concert, please contact Kim Paul Nguyen at Below is a behind the scenes video made by the Collective.

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